Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be the leading airline offering safe and comfortable air travel within Cambodia, and internationally through our partners.

Our Mission

1. Treat customers with respect and courtesy.

2. Ensure our service exceeds our customers expectations.

3. Develop close relationships between our staff and customers

Security and Quality Policy

Leaders and all staff of Cambodia Angkor Air always understand thoroughly that the existence and development of the company are based on customers trust and loyalty.

We commit ourselves to:

1. Strictly apply the quality management system as describe in the Quality Manual, incompliance with all requirements of Regulatory Aviation Authorities and applicable legal regulation and international conventions have involved.

2. Ensure that each member of the Company shall always consciously abide by there quirements, regulations in operations, maintenance and services with safety and quality to be continually sustained and ever improved.

3. Provide sufficient resources and necessary conditions to implement the policy and the objectives of safety and quality. Continuously improve the management system, create reliable working environment with the highest sense of responsibility in the entire Company to satisfy customers' demand and expectation.

4. Establish an efficient and effective communication system in order to ensure continual provision of updated safety and quality information and data.

The existence, development and prestige of Cambodia Angkor Air are built on safety and quality of our service delivery.