• AngkorWards membership is open to any individual aged 12 or over whom, regardless of nationality, has citizenship and a mailing address in any region where AngkorWards applies and is not prohibited by the law of his/her home country.
  • Agencies and organizations are not allowed to participate as an individual member.
  • An eligible person can join AngkorWards by access the Website www.cambodiaangkorair.com and follow the instructions to register as a AngkorWards member.
  • Once an online Application Form of a person has been accepted by AngkorWards, he/she will become a Registered Member and receive a permanent membership number. Member should login this number whenever checking information and updating tickets to get bonus points.
  • The Member is responsible for providing the member account with the Member’s correct mobile phone number and mailing address for AngkorWards communication (if any). If a Member changes his/her mailing address, email address or telephone number, the Member are required to notify AngkorWards in email or via AngkorWards’s website without any undue delay. The AngkorWards will not be responsible or liable for any loss of a member’s failure to notify personal information changes.
  • When successfully enrolling in AngkorWards, Members have a right to choose a password for their accounts. A password is a set of up to 8 characters and can be changed via the AngkorWards website. The code is used to ensure that only the member can access the account. Members must ensure that this number is not disclosed to any unauthorized parties. AngkorWards shall not be liable for the consequences of any disclosure of the password by Member
  • AngkorWards may, with its absolute discretion, revoke membership in case of violations of AngkorWards terms and conditions, when Members voluntarily withdrawal from AngkorWards, the death of members, etc… In any case, the member will be dismissed and all points left in the account will be cancelled.