Online Booking

  1. Which flights are available for online booking?

    Online booking currently is available on almost all international and domestic flights operated by Cambodia Angkor Air.

  2. How do I use the E-Ticket I purchased?

    At check-in, just show your valid passport and the credit card you used to purchase your Electronic Tickets to receive your boarding pass(es).

  3. Which payment methods are available?

    We offer the following forms of payment for online booking:

       Immediate payment using credit cards: VISA and MasterCard.



       For payment using credit cards:

          o Virtual or single-use cards will not be accepted.
          o During the payment process, you may be required to enter your personal password in a secure page

  4. Are online transactions/payments safe?

    Cambodia Angkor Air website participates in Verified by Visa and MasterCard® SecureCode™ security feature. 

  5. What is Reservation Code used for?

    Reservation Code is a 6-letter code (e.g. KJPNCZ) used for login to to get your eTicket Receipt. It is provided at the last stage of your booking on and shown on your eTicket Receipt.

  6. How can I collect my ticket purchased online?

    All tickets purchased online are issued as electronic tickets (eTicket). After completing your booking and payment, your eTicket Receipt will be sent to your registered email.


    If you don’t receive your eTicket Receipt within 2 hours after purchase, please contact the nearest Cambodia Angkor Air office for supports.

  7. What information is shown in the eTicket Receipt? Can eTicket Receipt be reviewed online?

    eTicket Receipt includes information on the passengers, itineraries, fares and payments details. For more details and review your eTicket, please click here.

  8. Can I make online booking for infant(s)?

    Yes, you can book for infants without seat online at Click here to get more details on our regulations and special services offered for infants.

  9. Can I make online booking and requesting accompanied service for my children traveling alone?

    Booking for children traveling alone must be done at Cambodia Angkor Air officeClick here to get more details on our regulations and accompanied services offered for children traveling alone.

  10. How can I find the best fare offered online?

    When you search flight, our online booking system will automatically search and display the best fare and available seats in each fare family for your selected flights/dates range.

  11. How do I make a change to my online booking or tickets booked online?

    For changes to an existing online booking, including rerouting and change of flight date or time, please contact the nearest Cambodia Angkor Air office.

    On Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, please contact Cambodia Angkor Air Support for tickets purchased on the website:

    Telephone: +85523 666 0330, email:

  12. Can I cancel my tickets booked online and how can I get refund?

    Please contact to Cambodia Angkor Air office or email to  with the completed Refund Request form to get your refund. Please note that you must send the Refund Request form from the registered email entered during the initial purchase. The refund will be credited directly to the Credit Card used to purchase the tickets online.
    Note: Depending on the rules and conditions of your fare, the refund may NOT be allowed OR a refund fee may be applied.

  13. How many passengers can I book online?

    You can book a maximum of 6 seats in one transaction (including adults, children and infants with seats).

  14. After purchasing ticket online, how can I get a receipt?

    Please go to your nearest Cambodia Angkor Air Ticketing office. Moreover, you can keep the boarding pass to prove services used with payment organization.

  15. What should I do if I lose the credit card used to purchase my online ticket and this is needed for check-in/change my ticket?

    Please go to your nearest Cambodia Angkor Air Ticketing office to purchase a new ticket and refund the old ticket.

  16. What should I do if my bank has issued me a new credit card to replace the one used to purchase my online ticket?

    Please go to your nearest Cambodia Angkor Air Ticketing office to purchase a new ticket and refund the old ticket.

  17. What should I do if I terminate the credit card that I used to purchase my ticket?

    Before you terminate, please bring your credit card to the nearest Cambodia Angkor Air Ticketing office to have it verified. You will then no longer be required to present your credit card during check-in.

  18. My credit card is valid at time of online purchasing but will expire before my travel. What should I do if my credit card expires before I commence my travel?

    Cambodia Angkor Air accepts expired credit card at check-in provided that it is valid at time of online purchasing.

  19. How can i buy tickets with promotion code?

    Detailed Guideline Click here!

  20. How to book the room, cancel the booking, or change the room with Agoda?

    Please kindly contact directly with Agoda via this link Click Agoda Here !

  21. Can I book the ticket with my expired passport?

    It's possible to book your ticket with your expired passport. However, we suggest you to notify us after you have your passport is renew because we will have to update it in your flight information. Otherwise, there will problem for you at the check-in counter.

  22. Can I make the booking by via emails or over the phone calls?

    We are sorry to say we never accept the booking through via emails or over the phone calls. Please try to make the booking online yourself or visit the nearest Cambodia Angkor Air offices to issue the tickets.

  23. Why I have been charged twice for my booking?

    So far we never charged from passengers twice with the same booking. The reason we charged you twice because you bought the tickets for two passengers. Note the transaction once charged for one ticket, so you bought two tickets, the transaction were charged twice for two tickets (once for each) under the same booking.

  24. What’s wrong with my reservation? Have my booking successful made?

    (After I submit the payment page I have yet received neither the reservation code nor any confirmation e-tickets).

    Please drop email to include the email address and full names of the passenger which you made the booking, so helpdesk team will cross check in the system to find whether your booking has gone through or not or you can simple try to find your booking by yourself on our website (click on your trip and find flight).

  25. How long can I get my refund amount back to my original credit card account after I confirmed the refund request?

    It will take us few weeks or a month to transfer your money back to your account because we have to work with our team as well as the bank. Please leave us sometime to work on this. If after a period of time you yet to receive the money, it may be helpful to contact your bank as well.

  26. My credit card is charged for my online booking, but I have not received any confirmation or e-tickets from you, what can I do?

    If you have not received the confirmation with via e-ticket from us, therefor we confirm we do not charge any payment from your credit card unless you are successfully made the booking.