1. What is included in a PurpleHolidays?

    PurpleHolidays are packages that include round-trip air tickets and hotel accommodation services.

    Breakfast may or may not be included. When breakfast is included, it is provided based on the room type: Single room - 01 breakfast, Double/Twin room - 2 breakfasts, Triple room - 3 breakfasts. If the number of guests exceeds the booked standard, extra breakfast charges will apply and are to be paid to the hotel upon check-in. Contact your hotel for more details.

  2. How many persons or hotel rooms can be booked on one PurpleHolidays package?

    You can purchase a maximum of 03 hotel rooms and 09 people with one PurpleHolidays booking. The maximum number of guests per room will be based on room types: Single room- 01 person; Double/Twin room- 02 Adults, 02 children; Triple room- 03 adults, 01 child.

  3. What travel documents do I need for my trip?

    You need to bring your Passport with valid visa, the PurpleHolidays Invoice and the Payment Card (cards used for payment of the holiday) to present at airport and hotel check-in. If you fail to present such documents you may be denied service or required to purchase a new PurpleHolidays.

  4. If I need to cancel my PurpleHolidays, what do I do?

    If you wish to cancel your PurpleHolidays, please fill in the PurpleHolidays Cancellation Form and send to purplepackages@angkor-air.com. The request email must be sent from the registered email address you used to purchase your PurpleHolidays.

  5. Can I get a refund on my PurpleHolidays?

    Your PurpleHolidays can be refunded only under the following conditions:

    • Application for a PurpleHolidays with “cancellation permitted” shown in the Invoice.
    • Cancellation is applied to the whole of an entirely unused package.
    • Cancellation fee is 30% of package price.
    • The refund will be credited to the payment card/s that were used to purchase the package.
  6. Can I change hotel or flights for purchased package on my PurpleHolidays?

    Change flights and/or hotels of the PurpleHolidays package is NOT applicable. You should request us for refund the package if permitted; and then book a new one.

  7. How and when will I receive my PurpleHolidays Invoice?

    Upon successful payment, you will receive a PurpleHolidays confirmation attached with a PurpleHolidays Invoice at your registered email. Please print the Invoice and bring it with you during your trip to present upon request. 

  8. If I don't receive a confirmation e-mail after I make the payment, what should I do?

    In case you do not receive the confirmation email within 30 minutes after successful payment, you must contact PurpleHolidays helpdesk at +855 23 666 0330 or email purplepackages@angkor-air.com for support.

  9. Is PurpleHolidays Invoice accepted as a legal receipt?

    PurpleHolidays Invoice is a legal receipt. Boarding pass should be used as the supporting document to prove the services taken.