Gifts Option

Most people buy gifts for different purposes. Some people would like to buy for a special occasions and some people prefer to buy during the time of traveling to express their appreciation as a reminder. Cambodia Angkor Air (K6) provides passengers several kinds of gifts such as Aircraft models and key-chain with acceptable price and quality. The souvenir is available to pre book at our website, K6’s Branch Offices and K6’s Agents. Pre book your favorite K6’s souvenir now!


Price of Gift Option


How can I buy Gift Option?

- Book your travel ticket.

- Visit any Branch Offices of Cambodia Angkor Air and request to buy Gift Option and pay by cash.

- Visit K6’s website at, choose ADDITIONAL SERVICES and fill in request information.

- If the passenger is holding a ticket issued by any K6’s agents, they can request to buy the Gift Option from the relevant agent for this service.

- Once a Gift Option is bought and confirmed, you’re ready to travel and pick up your gift on the flight! 


Service Condition

- To buy a Gift Option, passenger must do at least 24 hours before schedule departure time, Cambodia local time UTC+7:00.

- The passengers who want to buy a Gift Option must have booking PNR with ticket number under the same reservation.

- Gift only be sell on Cambodia - China routes. REP-DAD-REP, REP-KOS-REP, REP-PNH-REP; and sector flight REP-SGN; PNH-SGN.



For more details please don’t hesitate to contact our Helpdesk Team:
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