Preferred Seat Option

You have the option to pick a seat, which you feel comfortable to travel in a seat of your choice (like exit row, front row, aisle seat etc. Preferred Seat Option is the best when you travel with your family and friends for a small fee! If you are traveling with one or more companions, you can sit together on desired seats and enhance your travel experience. It gives you the comfort to travel in a seat of your choice.

How can I pick the Preferred Seat Option?

  • Book your travel ticket.
  • Visit any Branch Offices of Cambodia Angkor Air and request to buy the Preferred Seat service pay by cash.
  • Visit K6’s website at, choose Ancillary and fill in request information.
  • If the passenger is holding a ticket issued by any K6’s agents, they can request to buy the Preferred Seat Option from the relevant agent.
  • Once the Preferred Seat is bought and confirmed, you’re ready to travel with your Preferred Seat and enjoy your journey.

Service Condition

  • To buy the Preferred Seat, passenger must do at least 04 hours before schedule departure time, Cambodia local time UTC+7:00.
  • The passengers who want to buy the Preferred Seat Option must have booking PNR with ticket number under the same reservation.
  • The upgrade service is not offered.

Price of Preferred Seat Option

Routes Aircraft Type Price (USD)
Domestic A320/A321/ATR72 2
South East Asia A320/A321/ATR72 4
China A320/A321/ATR72 6


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