Hot Meal

We are pleased to announce to all value customers of K6 that we start selling Hot Meal on our flight from the 10th of July, 2018 onward. The Hot Meal service is applicable for routes between Cambodia-China only! To buy the Hot Meal Option, passengers are required to do it at least 24 hours before schedule departure time.

How can I buy the hot meal?

  • Passenger requests to buy the Hot Meal Option.
  • Passenger who wishes to buy the Hot Meal Option must have an issued ticket with PNR, if not they will have to buy the air ticket first. The passenger can buy the ticket from:
    • Agents who use K6 Webportal to issue tickets.
    • BSP, Online website, code-share flight between K6 and other airlines and in all K6 sale channels.
    • K6 Branch offices.

Service Condition

  • To purchase the Hot Meal Option through Webportal Agents and BOs, and K6’s website passengers have to do at least 24 hours before scheduled departure time.
  • The passengers who want to request Hot Meal Option must have booking PNR with ticket number under the same reservation.
  • Hot Meal Option served only for any routes between Cambodia-China routes (v.v).

Price of Hot Meal

Hot Meal Option (applicable for routes between Cambodia-China only)

Route Menu Price in USD
Any routes operate by K6 between Cambodia-China Fried minced beef with sauce Taiwan noodle 6
Minced chicken groeung sauce Taiwan noodle with vegetables 6
Roasted chicken with fried mushroom sauce 6
Roasted chicken with fried mushroom sauce 6
Wok-fried shrimp with cashews 6


For more details please don’t hesitate to contact our Helpdesk Team:
Tel: (+855) 23 6660 330