Empty Seat (Eso)

Enjoy FlatBed luxury or get your personal space in Economy Class!

Cambodia Angkor Air has partnered with Optiontown to present Empty Seat Option (or ESo) to offer you a chance to acquire empty seats next to yourself, thereby, creating your own private 3-seat FlatBed in economy class at a nominal price. Under, the Empty Seat Option, you'll have the exclusive right to use the assigned seats throughout the flight. Stretch out, relax, sleep flat comfortably or do your work with more room and privacy.


How does it work?

- If you have a flight booking on K-6, you can visit Optiontown.com to sign-up online for Empty Seat Option by paying a nominal price.

- You will be notified via email of your Empty Seat or FlatBed assignment usually 1 to 3 days but no later than 4 hours before the flight departure. If not assigned, your Empty Seat Price will be refunded to you within 5 days after the flight departure.


ESo will come in handy when you are:

- Travelling in a group of 2, you may choose 2 FlatBed (2 rows of 3 seats each) or take 1 FlatBed (only you two occupying a 3-seat row) exclusive for your group.

- Travelling in a group of 3 or more, you may choose a separate FlatBed for each of you, or a specified number of FlatBeds for some of you, while the rest can enjoy 1 empty seat adjacent to them.

Travelling alone, you may choose 1 or 2 additional seats in a row.

- If your flight has a 2x2 seat row configuration, you can buy 1 empty seat next to yourself for more space, privacy and comfort.

- Only a limited number of options are offered for each particular flight based on availability of rows of empty seats and other factors, and hence an ESo Sign-up does not guarantee an empty seat. Keep participating in ESo to increase your chances to receive empty seat(s)!


Easy steps to get an Economy FlatBed or Empty Seats next to yourself

- Book your Economy ticket.

- Visit www.optiontown.com and select Empty Seat Option (ESo) tab.

- Enter your booking details (airline, PNR or booking reference,passenger last name and email) to retrieve your booking. If you don't have your PNR handy, use the 'Advanced Search' to retrieve your booking with your flight details.

- Select the flights where you want Empty Seat(s).

- Pay a small Sign-up price of $1 (Sign-up is free up to 31 March 2016) and a nominal Empty Seat price.

- You will be notified via email about your Empty Seat status usually one to three days but no later than four hours before the flight departure. If empty seats are not assigned, the Empty Seat price will be fully and automatically refunded to you within five business days after the flight departure.