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Flights From Siem Reap To Sihanoukville And Top Things To Do

With a coastline filled with strings of white sandy beaches that stretches for hundreds of kilometres, Sihanoukville is one of the best beach destinations in South East Asia. If you have paid a visit to the temples of Angkor and now you want to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in another city of Cambodia, simply book flights from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville to contemplate its beautiful beaches.

Traveling from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville

Due to the long distance of 522 kilometers which will take you 10 to 14 hours by car or bus, the fastest way to travel between thses two places is to book flights from Sihanoukville to Siem Reap and vice versa. The average flying time for these flights is 1 hour and 5 minutes.

Among the operators serving Siem Reap – Sihanoukville route, Cambodia Angkor Air is one of the leading airlines that frequently offers great deals for domestic flights in Cambodia. The airline currently offers you cheap flights from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville which cost only $3, valid until 31 March 2018.

Things to do in Sihanoukville


There are a bunch of beautiful beaches in Sihanoukville that worth your visit: Serendipity Beach, Ochheuteal beach, Otres beach, Sokha beach, Independence beach, Victory beach and hill, Hawaii beach ... Most Sihanoukville beaches have distinct personalities. Otres is relaxed, while Ochheuteal is hyperactive, and Victory beach is different again. Hence, don’t miss any one of them once you land in Sihanoukville.


The best time of the year to go diving in Cambodia is December to April, when the dry season and currents mean that visibility is at its best. July to September tend to be the windiest and stormiest months, which will effect visibility. For the rest of the year, the weather may be less ideal for diving, but it is still good to go and get the great memory of diving in Cambodia. For those who wish to experience a diving in Sihanoukville, there are many options to be considered such as Scuba Nation, The Dive Shop, Eco Sea, Koh Rong Dive Center and Adventure Diving with Claude.


Spending time at the Kbal Chhay Waterfalls, which is around 18 kilometres north of Sihanoukville town, is not a bad idea. Waterfalls are one of the eternally popular features of Cambodia. The locals flock to them for weekend picnics and family outings, which creates a fun, family-oriented and predominantly gentle atmosphere. If you are interesting in this, do visit on weekdays instead of weekend to avoid the crowds and enjoy the landscape to the fullest.

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