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Extra Baggage Extra Baggage

Hand Baggage (Better Option Service)

All passenger whenever take flight with Cambodia Angkor Air (K6) are permitted to have a free 7kg carry-on baggage. In case passenger bring over than the allowance weight from 7KG up to 10KG, Cambodia Angkor Air is now providing an extra hand baggage. Effective for ticket travel date on/after 10-Jan-2019.

Term and condition

  • Passenger can buy an extra weight package for hand- baggage up to 10kg with dimension and condition will be kept as K6‘s current hand-baggage policy
  • In case any hand baggage is over than 10Kg or not follow our policy, it will be considered as check-in baggage apply check in baggage policy.

Extra - Hand Baggage Price




10kg/ 1 Hand baggage

All routes operated by K6

Advance purchase

Airport purchase

12 USD

20 USD

Extra Baggage Option

Passenger can pick a piece of 15kg/Piece, 23kg/Piece, 32kg/Piece and an upgrade from 23kg to 32kg/Piece. It's always been a better idea to pre-book your checked baggage up on time of ticket issuance as the fee is lower than the airport rate

  • This price will be effective for ticket issue on/after 15-Oct-2018 and will replace the price of Ancillary Prepaid Baggage price in old version in Kilogram.

Price for Prepaid Baggage


Price (KG/Piece)





Domestic (included VAT)

23 USD

35 USD

48 USD

Between Cambodia and Vietnam

30 USD

46 USD

64 USD

Between Cambodia and China

39 USD

63 USD

80 USD

Other routing

49 USD

73 USD

90 USD

  • The baggage which have one of dimension exceeds 119cm / 45” will be considered as oversize baggage.
  • The maximum of the baggage allowance weight is 32Kg/Piece.
  • In case oversize baggage exceeds the allowance weight, passenger are required to pay for oversize fee, as below:

Oversize fee charged


Domestic routing

International routing

Oversize Fee

80 USD/Piece


How can I get the Prepaid Baggage?

  • Book your travel ticket.
  • Visit any Branch Offices of Cambodia Angkor Air and request to buy the Extra Baggage service and pay by cash.
  • Visit K6’s website at www.cambodiaangkorair.com, choose EXTRA BAGGAGE and fill in request information. 
  • If the passenger is holding a ticket issued by any K6’s agents, they can request to buy the Extra Baggage service from the relevant agent for this service.
  • Once the Extra Baggage is bought and confirmed, you’re ready to travel with the Extra Baggage and enjoy your journey.

Service Condition

  • To buy the Extra Baggage, passenger must do at least 04 hours before schedule departure time, Cambodia local time UTC+7:00.
  • The passengers who want to buy the Extra Baggage service must have booking PNR with ticket number under the same reservation.


For more details please don’t hesitate to contact our Helpdesk Team.
Email: helpdesk_online_2@cambodiaangkorair.com
Tel: (+855) 23 6660 330

Working Days: Monday to Friday (8:00am - 12:00pm and 1:30pm - 5:30pm) - (GMT+7:00, Phnom Penh local time)