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Flights From Ho Chi Minh To Cambodia And Best Local Dishes

Offering plenty of tasty and authentic Khmer dishes from upscale restaurants to street vendors, Cambodia is an excellent destination for food lovers wishing to enjoy a culinary adventure. Below is some useful information for flights from Ho Chi Minh to Cambodia and the best local dishes to try in this charming country.

Getting from Ho Chi Minh to Cambodia

Cambodia currently has two international airports, one is the Phnom Penh International Airport and the other is the Siem Reap International Airport. Most flights from Ho Chi Minh to Cambodia will land in these two airports.

Cambodia Angkor Air, the first airline getting IATA Operation Safety Audit certificate in Cambodia, operates flights to Cambodia from Vietnam. Currently you can find many cheap flights from Ho Chi Minh to Cambodia which are available on its website and valid until 31 March 2018.

The best Cambodian food

Fish Amok

Fish Amok is a must-eat in Cambodia. It is a fish mousse cooked with coconut milk and kroeung – a rich and creamy Khmer curry which has the perfect balance of ginger, garlic, slok ngor (a local herb), shallots, lemongrass, kaffir lime and turmeric. The dish is usually served wrapped in a banana leaf.

Lap Khmer

Lap Khmer is a Khmer beef salad featuring thinly sliced beef that is cooked ceviche-style by marinating with lime juice. The dish is then dressed with lemongrass, shallots, garlic, fish sauce, Asian basil, mint, bell pepper, and  lots of fresh chilis.

Nom Banh Chok

Nom Bank Chok – a popular Khmer dish, is often eaten during breakfast. It is made up of thin rice noodles topped with a fish-based green curry gravy and lots of fresh veggies like mint leaves, green beans, bean sprouts, banana flowers, cucumbers and a wide array of other greens.

Khmer Red Curry

Not as spicy as Thai curry, Khmer curry is similarly coconut-milk-based but without chili. The dish is made from either chicken, beef or fish, eggplant, green beans, potatoes, fresh coconut milk, lemongrass, and kroeung – a traditional Cambodian curry paste. Khmer red curry is often served with bread.

Bai Sach Chrouk

Bai Sach Chrouk is one the most popular street foods in Cambodia. The dish comprises of grilled pork that is marinated in coconut milk and garlic, broken rice, a small bowl of clear chicken broth along with pickled cucumber, carrot and daikon.

Lok Lak

Lok Lak is a traditional Khmer dish made with thin slices of beef or pork stir-fried in a brown sauce. This dish is typically served with rice, green salad and a tangy dipping sauce consisting of lime, salt, and pepper.

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