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A Culinary Guide For Flights From Siem Reap To Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous not only for its spectacular skylines and luxury shopping malls but also for its amazing and authentic cuisine. Starting from Siem Reap – home of the Angkor Wat, you can book Cambodia flight tickets to Hong Kong to enjoy some of the best dishes in the world.

Getting from Siem Reap to Hong Kong

Flights from Siem Reap to Hong Kong cost $315 on average with flight duration of around 2 hours and 38 minutes. October, January and February is the time when most ticket fares go down, meaning that there will be many cheap flights Siem Reap to Hong Kong available in these months.  

Cambodia Angkor Air is one of the highly reputable airlines operating flights from Hong Kong to Siem Reap and vice versa. One of its current promotions is cheap flights Siem Reap to Hong Kong with only $15 for one way trip and $180 for round trip. The offer is available on its website and valid until 31 March 2018.

Must-try dishes in Hong Kong

Dim sum

Dim sum is a quintessential dish of Hong Kong cuisine and eating dim sum is undoubtedly a must when traveling to Hong Kong. There are hundreds of types of Hong Kong dim sum. Most of them is filled with seasoned pork or shrimp, wrapped in a thinly rolled piece of wheat dough and steamed. There are also snack-sized portions of pan-fried, deep-fried, and baked foods served in bamboo steamers. Dim sum is usually served with yum cha - an ancient Chinese tradition of drinking tea.

Siu mei

Siu mei, or Chinese barbecued meats, is one of the best Hong Kong’s signature dishes. They are seasoned meats roasted on spits over an open fire or in a roast furnace. Siu mei includes char siu (barbecued pork), siu yuk (roast pork) and siu ngo (roast goose). Siu mei can be found everywhere in Hong Kong. You can find them hanging in front windows of fast-food chains, high-end restaurants and supermarkets.


Hong Kong noodles are a hugely popular dish for both locals and travelers. The most common types of noodles in Hong Kong are made from rice or eggs and flour. They are often served in soup with fish balls (fish ball noodles), with fresh parcels of pork and shrimp mince, wrapped in a wonton pastry (wonton noodles), stir-fried with beef (stir-fried beef noodles) or served with different types of ingredients of your choice (cart noodles).

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