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Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions

General conditions

  • AngkorWards may in its absolute discretion modify its structure and benefits at any given time with (or without) prior notice.
  • The Terms and Conditions should be well considered and accepted by Members, Members are compelled to adhere to all these terms and conditions.
  • AngkorWards shall not accept any responsibility or liability in the event of non-availability, impossibility of reservation, or the changing of flight schedule, or any other reason beyond control.
  • AngkorWards shall not be liable to any member for the refusal of granting awards and resolving members’ accounts in case of detecting errors in crediting points or trading the awards.
  • AngkorWards shall not be liable to any member in providing a part or full benefits of AngkorWards reserving for AngkorWards members.
  • AngkorWards reserves the right to audit any and all accounts in the Program at any time and without notice to the Member to ensure compliance with Program rules and applicable conditions of carriage.
  • In case an audit reveals discrepancies or violations, the processing of Awards, Qualifying and Bonus points accrual or Point Summaries may be delayed by AngkorWards. AngkorWards reserves the right to cancel points that have been added close member account, or revoke membership if to be sure that the number of points has been added incorrectly due to fraud or system errors.
  • AngkorWards may, in its absolute discretion, terminate an individual’s membership in case of serious violation of AngkorWards terms and conditions or upon the member’s death. Member may also terminate their membership by sending a written notification. At the time of termination, all outstanding points will be cancelled.
  • AngkorWards and/or Cambodia Angkor Air will be dispensed from any liability or member’s claim for compensation in relation to AngkorWards.
  • AngkorWards reserves the right to inform security officers about any serious misbehavior of a Member or discrepancies in the Member’s account.
  • AngkorWards may, in its discretion, revoke membership in case of violation of the terms and conditions.

Violations terms and conditions

  • Misconduct, fraud, misuse of awards or appliance which are provided to Member by AngkorWards.
  • Having committed acts that are against AngkorWards, Cambodia Angkor Air, or program partners.
  • Having committed acts that outrage or assault airlines staffs.
  • Having committed acts that threaten airlines security.
  • Other acts which are recognized by AngkorWards as violation of AngkorWards terms and conditions.
  • Membership tiers, membership cards and points cannot be transferred, inherited or mortgaged.
  • These terms and conditions govern all relationship between AngkorWards and its Members.


  • AngkorWards membership is open to any individual aged 12 or over whom, regardless of nationality, has citizenship and a mailing address in any region where AngkorWards applies and is not prohibited by the law of his/her home country.
  • Agencies and organizations are not allowed to participate as an individual member.
  • An eligible person can join AngkorWards by access the Website and follow the instructions to register as a AngkorWards member.
  • Once an online Application Form of a person has been accepted by AngkorWards, he/she will become a Registered Member and receive a permanent membership number. Member should login this number whenever checking information and updating tickets to get bonus points.
  • The Member is responsible for providing the member account with the Member’s correct mobile phone number and mailing address for AngkorWards communication (if any). If a Member changes his/her mailing address, email address or telephone number, the Member are required to notify AngkorWards in email or via AngkorWards’s website without any undue delay. The AngkorWards will not be responsible or liable for any loss of a member’s failure to notify personal information changes.
  • When successfully enrolling in AngkorWards, Members have a right to choose a password for their accounts. A password is a set of up to 8 characters and can be changed via the AngkorWards website. The code is used to ensure that only the member can access the account. Members must ensure that this number is not disclosed to any unauthorized parties. AngkorWards shall not be liable for the consequences of any disclosure of the password by Member
  • AngkorWards may, with its absolute discretion, revoke membership in case of violations of AngkorWards terms and conditions, when Members voluntarily withdrawal from AngkorWards, the death of members, etc… In any case, the member will be dismissed and all points left in the account will be cancelled.

Earning point

  • Point is basic unit of AngkorWards to allow member to get bonus and use to exchange to award tickets. 
  • Bonus points are points which members accumulate when flying in Cambodia Angkor Air’s flights. In addition, members also have the opportunities to accumulate bonus points by buying bonus points from AngkorWards.
  • Bonus points are valid for at least 2 years and up to 3 years, depending on the date of joining the membership program and the date those points are accumulated. Bonus points will be deducted each time members redeem points for rewards.
  • Member must login to AngkorWards account in Website of Cambodia Angkor Air and input ticket numbers, flight get points calculated for flights flown.
  • Points are just calculated on ticket sold in Cambodia Angkor Air’s stock 188. That means 3 first digits of ticket are “188”.
  • Points cannot be inherited or combined with points earned by another member.
  • Eligible flights are those of Cambodia Angkor Air with paid ticket for crediting points and as specified in section“Earn Points”.
  • A member may have only one membership account, in which all accumulated points and award redemptions are recorded.
  • If an eligible flight is not operated for any reason including, but not limited to, weather, mechanical irregularities, cancellations, or delays, and a member does not or cannot board that flight, points will not be credited to such member’s account.
  • If a member is able to board another eligible flight, points will be credited on the basis of the actual flight.
  • Points are not credited for tickets that are banned, expired, AngkorWards award tickets, AngkorWards partner award tickets or other ID/AD tickets.
  • Points are only credited based on the actual class purchased, not by class used by member, unless otherwise advised.
  • In case that member have to change to another flight involuntary and the flight is ineligible for crediting points, points will be credited based on information shown on the original ticket before being changed.

Eligible flights

Regular international and domestic flights, operated by Cambodia Angkor Air, charter flights except for VIP flights.

Redeeming Points

  • Award ticket is a ticket issued for traveling with Cambodia Angkor Air on the basis of deducting valid accumulated points in the member’s account.
  • All members are entitled to exchange accrued points for award tickets on regular flights operated by Cambodia Angkor Air.
  • AngkorWards members can redeem points for award tickets on Cambodia Angkor Air website or redeem all AngkorWards awards at Cambodia branch offices Cambodia Angkor Air. A member is NOT allowed to exchange his/her points to award tickets for others.
  • To redeem for award at Cambodia Angkor Air branch offices, Members should complete and sign an “Award Request Form” together with a copy of your Identity Card (ID)/Passport to AngkorWards at Cambodia branch offices Cambodia Angkor Air. We need to receive your Award Request prior to the departure at least 03 days. Member must every pay taxes and fees regarding itinerary required. Non-refundable ticketing charge 5 USD/ticket is applied.
  • Members should book award flights online via Cambodia Angkor Air website at least 6 hours prior to the departure time. Member is allowed to book award flights for him/herself. Member must every pay taxes and fees regarding itinerary required. Ticketing charge is 5 USD/ticket.
  • After receiving the “Award Request Form”, AngkorWards will, based on capacity control and the number of accumulated points in the member’s account, process this request. In case the award request is not accepted, AngkorWards will notify Members as soon as possible.
  • Award Receiving Authorization is the document (by form) in which member uses to assign someone else to receive award in Cambodia branch offices of Cambodia Angkor Air.
  • Members are entitled to redeem awards if the booking classes for the award tickets are still available. Every year, members will be noticed of Point of routes via AngkorWards publications and the website of Cambodia Angkor Air. 
  • Point deduction for the award are based on the flights (sectors). Point deduction for AngkorWards members and individuals in Nominee list will be calculated by the AngkorWards Award Chart.
  • Points accrual first will be deducted first (‘first in first out’ basis).
  • Points will not be re-credited to the member’s account for issued award tickets even if the award tickets have not been used or have only been used in part, except for cases prescribed by Cambodia Angkor Air.
  • Award Redemption flights of Cambodia Angkor Air must be deducted according to Camodia Angkor Air Award Chart.
  • If the award redemption itinerary is a combination of different flights, the number of points deducted is the sum of the point deduction for each flight.
  • Award tickets CANNOT have the carrier or itinerary changed, have validity extended, changed the date of the flight and re-issued in case of lost ticket; but CAN be refunded taxes & fees (excluding ticketing charge and award points exchanged).
  • AngkorWards allows members to get their paid taxes and fees (excluding service fee/ticketing charge, if any) when refunding the valid award tickets without paying a refund fee. However the points which were exchanged shall not be refunded.
  • AngkorWards allows award users to request special services on Cambodia Angkor Air’ flights in accordance to Cambodia Angkor Air current regulations applied to paid tickets.
  • When Award Request is approved, Member presents membership account and ID (or Passport) at the chosen booking office to receive Award. In case members cannot collect the award themselves, they may authorize another person to pick up the award. The authorized person must provide his ID (or Passport) together with “Authorization Form”, members’ ID (or Passport), “Award Request Form” signed by authorizing person, to Cambodia branch office to collect ticket.