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Announcement for KH-CN Flights 01 Mar 23 Edition

Announcement for KH-CN Flights 01 Mar 23 Edition

I. For passengers take K6 flights from Cambodia to Inland China:

Starting from March 1, 2023 (Phnom Penh time), passengers on direct flights from Cambodia to China will be allowed to replace nucleic acid test with antigen test (including self-testing with kit) within 48 hours before the flight takes off. The airline will no longer check the negative nucleic acid test and antigen test results before boarding. Passengers can continue to declare the customs code by yourselves, and then check in for boarding. In order to facilitate passengers' preparation, the Embassy of China in Cambodia has updated the Guidelines on Epidemic Prevention and Control for Travelers from Cambodia to China. Please read the details as follow carefully and follow them accordingly so as not to affect your travel.

Guidelines on epidemic prevention and control for passengers from Cambodia to China

1、Remote test: Nucleic acid test or antigen kit test should be carried out within 48 hours before the flight to China. Those with negative test passengers can go to China. If nucleic acid test result is positive, passengers should wait for nucleic acid results to turn negative before leaving for China.

2、Customs declaration: After negative result of nucleic acid detection, passengers shoulf through WeChat small program "Customs Fingertips Passenger Services", "Handheld Customs" APP or customs official website (https://htdecl.chinaport.gov.cn) to fill in the law of the People's Republic of China on the entry/health declaration card "to declare.


Please refer to the following video for the process of Customs health declaration card:



3、The airline will no longer review the negative nucleic acid test and antigen test results before boarding.

4、In-flight epidemic prevention: Please wear masks and take good personal protection during the flight to reduce the risk of infection.

5、Entry quarantine: Upon arrival at the port, complete the necessary customs formalities with the Customs health declaration code. The customs will carry out sampling tests in accordance with a certain percentage, and test those with abnormal health declaration or fever and other symptoms. Those who test positive are placed under home, residential isolation or medical treatment as required by the notification. If the results are negative, the customs shall conduct routine quarantine inspection in accordance with the Frontier Health and Quarantine Law and other laws and regulations. Those with normal health declaration and no abnormal port routine quarantine can enter the community.

6、Local-based epidemic prevention: Upon entry, passengers should strictly abide by the territorial-based epidemic prevention and control requirements.


(The above content is transferred from the Embassy of China in Cambodia "Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control Requirements for travelers from Cambodia to China")


II. For passengers take K6 flights from Cambodia to Macao, China:

Passengers taking K6 flight from Cambodia to Macao must have negative antigen or nucleic acid test within 48 hours before boarding for the relevant government departments spot check. Please pay attention to relevant epidemic prevention measures for entry into Macao.

Please refer to Macao's epidemic prevention Policy:



Warm tips:

Passengers transiting to China in Cambodia, please pay attention to the notification requirements of the Chinese embassy in a third country. If you have any questions about the latest epidemic prevention requirements for China, Please consult our wechat customer service from 8:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday, or contact:

*K6 Phnom Penh Head Office Tel: (855) 023 6666 789

*K6 Guangzhou Branch Office Tel: (86) 020-83310123/83312213


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