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Travel Information For Flights From Hong Kong To Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital, is an attractive riverside city with leafy boulevards and numerous sights, from historical buildings, museums and Buddha temples to upscale shopping centres and luxury residence complexes, making it one of the top destinations for travelers. Here you can find some useful information for a flight Hong Kong to Phnom Penh.

Getting from Hong Kong to Phnom Penh

Flights from Hong Kong to Phnom Penh, Cambodia is obviously the fastest and most convenient way to travel between these two places. The flight has an average price of $262 with flight time of around 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Cambodia Angkor Air – one of the leading operators serving this route, frequently offers the best deals for flights to Cambodia. One of its current promotions is cheap flights from Hong Kong to Phnom Penh with one stop at Siem Reap (round trip) which cost only 550 HKD (equivalent to $71). The offer is available on its website and valid until 31 March 2018.

Accommodation costs

Phnom Penh offers a wide choice of accommodations, from guesthouses and mid-range hostels to luxury hotels and resorts. Guesthouses with dorm beds are available at around $5 USD per night while private rooms start from $10 per night. Free wifi is standard in almost every hostel and many also include free breakfast. Mid-range hotels are a better, cleaner, and nicer choice which cost between $15 to $50 per night and include air conditioner as well as private bathroom. Options from more than $50 are for a stay at high end hotels and resorts.

Average cost of food

Food in Phnom Penh is very cheap. Street foods cost around $2 per meal while a meal in local restaurants will cost from $2 to $5.50. Price for a Western meal at nice restaurants will be a little bit higher, starting from $4.50 and gastronomic meals with drinks are the most expensive, varying between $25 to $50.

Transportation costs

The average fare for a short tuk-tuk ride around the center is about $2, while longer trips with more city sightseeings cost from $3. If you share your tuk-tuk with a few people, you can lower the price significantly. A ride on motorbike taxi has similar price to a trip by public buses which is as little as 50 cents.  Besides, you can also rent a car and a driver from $32 upwards for a whole day.

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