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Flights From Thailand To Cambodia And Top Things To Buy

Cambodia has a wide range of souvenirs, from colorful cotton and silk fabrics, wood and stone carvings to lacquerware, jewelry and much more. If your starting point is in Thailand, you can book flights to Cambodia and bring home some of the best souvenirs from your memorable holidays.

Getting from Thailand to Cambodia

Most flights from Thailand to Cambodia departure from Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok. Prices of flights from Bangkok to Cambodia will depend on your destination. In general, cheap flights from Thailand to Cambodia can most be found in February.

What to buy in Cambodia?

Betel Nut Boxes

These cute boxes once reflected the status of their owner according to the size, design and material. Betel nut boxes are mainly made from silver with ornate designs and crafted into animal shapes. Most of them are handmade and require high level of craftmanship.

Rice Paper Prints

Rice paper prints are decorative, inexpensive and attractive souvenir, made by putting a rice paper over a mould taken from a bas-relief carving from the temples of Angkor, then lightly rubbing over with soft charcoal. They will look more superb when being framed and suitably illuminated.


Together with the expansion of tourism, there are more and more silver shops in both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Although Cambodian silvers are alloys containing 70-80% of pure silver, they are uniquely designed with typical Khmer patterns. Silver prices are based on the combination of weight and artistry.


Carefully made by local artisans using the same stone used to build the ancient temples, sculptures are great art works for home decoration and to remind you of the ancient charm of Cambodia. They are delicate copies of small statues, Buddha figures, heads and Apsaras, which convey Khmer spirit the most.

The Krama

The Krama is the traditional and ubiquitous scarf worn by many Cambodians. Its checkered design is pure Khmer and its silk is woven from dyed threads. There are a lot of colors for your choice, each of them has their own attraction.

Weaving Silk

These are handmade and beautifully designed Khmer silk using traditional weaving methods with the pattern dyed into the threads before the silk is woven. There are two kinds of weaving silk: old silk (made before 1970) and new silk (produced nowadays). The quality is the same but older silk has higher price.

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