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The first international flight from Hainan after the COVID 19 outbreak

At 20:35 on February 19, K6914, operated by Cambodia Angkor Air, landed on time at Haikou Meilan International Airport, marking the first scheduled international passenger flight to resume operations in Hainan province after three years of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Haikou=Phnom Penh international route since February 19, 2023, one weekly departure (Sunday), executive for Airbus A320, flight number: K6914/915, flight time: Phnom Penh 17:45 departure, 20:35 arrived at Haikou; It took off at 21:35 in Haikou and arrived at Phnom Penh at 22:40. 

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country with traditional friendship with China. 2023 marks the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Cambodia and is also the Year of China-Cambodia Friendship. China has also announced that Cambodia will be one of the first countries to resume outbound group Tours for Chinese citizens. Hainan outbound travel agencies for the first resumption of outbound tourism Haikou=Phnom Penh international passenger line, launched a series of group tour products, 132 tourists were organized to take this flight to Cambodia for tourism, sightseeing, Hainan is the first direct flight after the outbreak of the organization of exit team tour. Ms. Xie, a tourist, said that three years after the epidemic, there was no chance to go abroad to see the world. After learning the news of the resumption of the flight, she did not hesitate to sign up. We believe we can go to more countries in the future.

The opening of this route has greatly facilitated the travel of tourists and business people from Hainan Province and Cambodia. Meanwhile, the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Haikou will also provide necessary support and services for visa issuance. What's more, the opening of this route is a positive response to the Belt and Road cooperation Initiative of the country, which promotes the building of a community of common destiny featuring political mutual trust, economic integration and cultural inclusiveness between China and the Kingdom of Cambodia, and builds an air bridge of business and cultural exchanges between the two sides.

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