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Check Phnom Penh - Zhengzhou Flight Regulations

According to the latest requirements of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Cambodia, in order to meet the needs of ticketed passengers returning home, ensure smooth boarding of the passengers and ensure the stability of Cambodia-China flights, from now on, pre-departure quarantine requirements for passengers scheduled to take K6 894 Phnom Penh - Zhengzhou flight are as follows:


1. All passengers aboard Cambodia Angkor Air FLIGHT K6894 Phnom Penh to Zhengzhou on Tuesday must check in 8008 Hotel with the first negative nucleic acid test report, 2 days prior to the flight departure (including the boarding day) and start 2-day self-isolation.. Any time no later than 21:00 will be considered as a voluntary waiver, passengers are responsible for failing to obtain the uniform health code for boarding.


① Designated Hotel name: 8008 Hotel

② Contact number: +855 078595888

③ Address: No.1056, Group 04, Trung moin Village, Obek  K'orm.Commune Sen Sok, District, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.


* This hotel is designated as an isolation hotel for passengers of Cambodia Angkor Air K6894 flight from Phnom Penh to Zhengzhou, which will be implemented from now on. If there is any change, our airline will inform the passengers at earlier.

④ Hotel price: $70/person/day (including accommodation stay, three meals per day, but excluding the cost of testing, vehicle transfer, airport drop-off, etc.), which should be paid at check-in.

⑤ Please bring the following information and items when checking in: a. Passport and at least 2 color copies of passport information page; B. Paper itinerary; C. Original negative certificates and copy of one nucleic acid tests; D. Three sets of protective clothing, masks, gloves, goggles, masks and other personal protective equipment (for nucleic acid testing and aircraft wear).

⑥ When you check in, please check in with hotel staff and join the hotel's WeChat group. During the quarantine period, relevant notices will be published in the hotel's WeChat group.

⑦ In order to minimize the risk of cross-infection when passengers check in, please wear protective clothing and other protective equipment when checking in and participating in the test, do not take off masks to talk or smoke, etc. If passenger is confirmed to be infected, passengers who do not wear protective gear and take off mask will be considered as close contacts and may not be able to take the flight. Please be careful!

(8) When participating in the double test organized by the hotel and conducted by the relevant staffs of the Royal Military Hospital of Cambodia, passengers must wear protective equipment such as protective clothing, N95 masks, goggles, protective masks and rubber gloves, and keep a proper distance between people to reduce the risk of infection and ensure smooth boarding.

2. Passengers with valid documents such as travel permits and return certificates issued to Chinese citizens by the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia can purchase tickets for the Phnom Penh-Zhengzhou flight of Cambodia Angkor Air if they can meet the closed-loop isolation requirements before take-off. After self-isolation in hotel, the airline staffs will submit the negative nucleic acid test reports of passengers to the embassy, and the embassy will issue health codes to the airline before boarding.


3. Passengers who are tested positive for any of the two nucleic acid tests before the flight take off can apply for special refund to the airline company through the original ticket purchase channel with valid test report.

4. For two nucleic acid tests and hotel check-in, you need to provide the passport and the color copy of the passport information page. Please prepare at least three color copies of the passport information page.

5.According to the notice issued by the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia on the remote prevention and control Requirements for Persons flying from Cambodia to China (29Jun22 edition), all passengers flying from Cambodia to China must undergo nucleic acid testing twice at legitimate institutions approved by the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) and the Royal Cambodian Military Hospital . The first nucleic acid test was conducted at the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) 48 hours before boarding; The second nucleic acid test was conducted at the Royal Cambodian Military Hospital within 24 hours before boarding. The specific arrangements are as follows:






Please refer to the flight time on 20Sep


Time Nodes

Items to be completed

K6894 on 20Sep

PNH-CGO flight


2 days prior to boarding day (inclusive)

As required by the Chinese Embassy, passengers need to prepare passport and 1 color copies of passport information page to go to "National Institute of Public Health (NIPH)" for the first nucleic acid test on their own in the morning (08:30-12:00). If the inspection organization is wrong or the flight cannot be taken, please consult the staff for details.




After receiving a negative nucleic acid test report at around 16:00 PM, passengers check in 8008 Hotel on their own and is quarantined in a "single room", please kindly prepare your passport and at least 1 color copies of passport information page ( Please refer to the required for hotel check-in carefully) . If passengers fail to check in before 21:00PM, which consequences taken by passengers’ own responsibility.


1 day prior to boarding day (inclusive)

As required by the Chinese Embassy, "Royal Military Hospital of Cambodia " conduct the second nucleic acid test for passengers within 24 hours before boarding in the morning(8:30-11:30), please kindly prepare your passport and at least 1 color copies of passport information page. After summarizing the test reports, the airline will upload the application health code in a centralized manner.




On the day of boarding

The hotel will arrange passengers with all negative nucleic acid test results to Phnom Penh Airport for check in and take their flights home.









Cambodia Angkor Air kindly require passengers to provide the following materials when applying for the health code to Chinese Embassy in Cambodia(for reference only):

1) Two nucleic acid test reports;

2) Valid long-term residence certificate (valid visa page or labor certificate, etc.);

3) Previously infected persons should take two nucleic acid tests at least 24 hours apart in the testing institution. If the results are all negative, health monitoring will be carried out for 14 days from the date of the second report. In addition, all nucleic acid test reports and self-health monitoring forms should be uploaded;

4) Close contacts should also upload self-health monitoring form;


Please refer to the release of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia for details:

Notification on The Remote Prevention and Control Requirements for Persons flying from Cambodia to China (29Jun22 edition)


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