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Nhập chi tiết đặt phòng của bạn. Tất cả hành khách quốc tế được yêu cầu xuất trình tại quầy làm thủ tục 2 giờ trước khi khởi hành để xác minh tài liệu du lịch của bạn / Hành lý ký gửi tránh việc giảm tải tại cổng lên máy bay.

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Vé điện tử cung cấp thông tin về chuyến bay được cấp sau khi bạn hoàn tất việc mua vé trực tuyến trên Website này hoặc tại các phòng vé.

Vé điện tử bao gồm (nhưng không giới hạn) các thông tin sau:
  • Hãng hàng không, đại lý phát hành, nơi cấp vé
  • Mã đặt chỗ
  • Tên hành khách
  • Số vé, ngày cấp, vé, hành trình bay, tình trạng đặt vé.
  • Thông tin chuyến bay: Mã chuyến bay, hãng hàng không, ngày và giờ bay và
  • Chi tiết giá vé và thanh toán: chi tiết giá vé, thuế, phí và phụ phí khác, hình thức thanh toán.
  • Điều kiện vé, miễn cước hành lý.

Kiosk Check-in (Self-service)

Keeping development and improvement our service, K6 has now activated new self-service check-in called Kiosk Check-In where available for check-in all flights departing from SGN which effective on/after 11April2019. With Kiosk Check-In, passengers could use 24 hours to 1 hour before flight departure. Further usage method, K6 SGN staff could be the assistance.

Technology has been developed time to time and most carriers have improved their own service to attract passengers. At the same time, Cambodia Angkor Air, IATA code is K6, has also developed new self-service called Kiosk which allow passengers to perform their own check-in at the airport.

Currently our carrier has activated Kiosk at Tan Son Nhat International Airport, IATA code is SGN, that allow all of K6 flights departure from SGN to Sihanouk Ville International Airport (KOS), to Siem Reap International Airport (REP), and to Phnom Penh International Airport (PNH).

Condition and procedure of Kiosk

  • Kiosk will open for allow check-in within 24 hours and close 1 hour before departure (passengers can select seat and print boarding pass).
  • Kiosk Check-In available for 2 languages such as English and Vietnamese.
  • There are 5 ways to check-in; check-in by scan passport, PNR, Ticket Number, Flight Number or Frequent Flyer Number.
  • After passengers fill all required information completely, please click on Print Boarding Pass to get the boarding.
  • Passengers have to present at the check-in counter within 2 to 1 hour before departure for verify travel document (to avoid the off load at the boarding gate if they have no enough travel document as required by destination countries).
  • Crossing security check and immigration as usual process.

Note: Passengers must be presented at the boarding gate 40 minutes before departure.


Web Check-in/Mobile Check-in

Nowadays airports are being shaped by new digital initiatives; completely transforming not only the passenger experience, but also the design of airports themselves. So, we would like to introduce DXCI (Digital Experience Check-in) which served anytime/anywhere with minimal time and effort for passengers to experience the self-service check-in. Currently our carrier has activated DXCI for all routes which departure from PNH (Phnom Penh International Airport), KOS (Sihanoukville International Airport), REP (Siem Reap International Airport), DAD (Da Nang International Airport) and SGN ( Tan Son Nhat International Airport).

Condition and Procedure
  • Go through Cambodia Angkor Air website and click the Check-In Option.
  • Fill with your booking code and your last name. For other option you can search with your ticket number and name.
  • Please follow the instruction through pages.
  • There are three choices to get the boarding pass such as Print the Boarding pass, Email the Boarding pass (print out after) and View the boarding pass (scan QR code directly by mobile).
  • DXCI/Mobile check-in available for 24h to 1h before departure time and must be at the check-in counter to check baggage and verify the travel documents.
  • Crossing security check and immigration (apply only International Flight) as usual process.
  • Passengers have to arrive at the boarding gate 40 minutes before departure (30 minutes before departure apply for domestic flight).
Check-In through mobile phone

Check-In through mobile phone


  • Here's a glimpse of our premium facilities and services that you can expect when you choose to be our Business Class Passengers:
    • Priority check-in with business class counter
    • Business class lounge services
    • Last invite to boarding or at passenger convenient time for boarding
    • Business class seat
    • Business class meal
    • Two pieces of 32 KG checked baggage
    • One piece of 07 KG hand baggage
    • Priority disembark
    • Priority baggage claim


  • Only Apply for routes: 

-Phnom Penh – Ha Noi – Phnom Penh 
-Siem Reap – Ha Noi – Siem Reap 
-Phnom Penh – Guangzhou – Phnom Penh 
-Phnom Penh – Shanghai – Phnom Penh  
-Phnom Penh – Zhengzhou – Phnom Penh

Fare Types & Rule

Document of General rule 2023 (V.13)